Fannie Mae Embraces LEED for Multifamily Through Lower Interest Rates

On February 6, the United States Green Building Council announced that Fannie Mae will reward green-built multifamily projects with a lower interest rate. The USGBC’s LEED rating system is one of several recognized certifications, with ENERGY STAR┬« and Enterprise’s Green … Continue reading

USGBC Elects New Board of Directors

The United States Green Building Council has finally announced the members of its 2015 Board of Directors. The following five directors will each serve three-year terms: Stephen Bushnell, of Stephen Bushnell & Associates will serve as the ┬áInsurance Director (incumbent) … Continue reading

Free Tutorial Primer on LEEDv4

As we here at HBW have blogged about before, the LEEDv4 standards are significantly more complex than the current LEED 2009 standards. The complexities are so significant that the USGBC extended its deadline for the standards changeover until 2016. One … Continue reading

Why We Need Transparency in Green Building Certifications

As sustainability becomes a major selling point for real estate buyers, the prevalence of LEED, the Green Globes, and other certification seals is skyrocketing. Because they issue seals of quality for sustainable architecture, non-governmental organization green building councils (GBCs) hold … Continue reading

USGBC Extends LEED 2009 Through 2016

LEED v4 wasn’t designed for simplicity, and this has caused some challenges for builders and developers who want to work with LEED certification. To alleviate the difficulties posed in the transition from LEED 2009 to LEED v4, the United States … Continue reading

USGBC Announces 3 LEED Courses to Grow Your Business

LEED certification has become a highly-sought-after credential for developers and builders alike. But initial LEED certification is only the first step in a career-length journey into mastery of LEED principles. Continuing education units are integral to the LEED certification system, … Continue reading