Making the Most of Construction Data Reports

If you are an HBW subscriber, you’ve got leads, a lot of leads.  With new permits and construction data being added to the HBW database regularly, chances are you have more reports than time, so making the most of them … Continue reading

Drone Use for Home Builders

Aerial photos are a great way to showcase your latest project, but if you are going to use drones, be aware of the potential liability. Drone use is becoming increasingly more popular, and according to the FAA, the number of … Continue reading

10 Ways to Better Presentations

“You never get a second chance to make a first impression.” Many have been credited with this quote, from advertisements to great authors.  It rings true with our personal and business relations and is the case with our business presentations.  … Continue reading

Contractors Ask: How Should I Use #Hashtags?

Hashtags flood social media. If you are incorporating hashtags in your posts, you will want to do so with purpose.   From common to over-the-top, Twitter and other social media platforms are inundated with hashtags.  Hashtags are a recognized and … Continue reading

EquipmentShare: Airbnb For Construction Equipment

Any contractor knows that equipment is a sizable investment, an investment which in the construction industry can run into the millions of dollars. Rental revenue for construction equipment exceeds $40 billion each year. For contractors who buy, the more specialized … Continue reading

Indiana Limestone Offers AIA-Accredited Architectural Education Program

The popularity of architectural stone masonry has waned in recent years, but the Indiana Limestone Company aims to help change this situation. The company will offer in-depth professional programs on the use of limestone in building design and construction. Geared … Continue reading

Five Things Clients Want from a Contractor

Knowing your stuff isn’t the only vital part of a contractor’s job skills. Unless a contractor knows how to sell himself or herself to potential clients and GC’s, they will never reach the level of career success they deserve. To … Continue reading