Regional Spotlight: Southwest Florida Construction – November 2022

An overview of new swimming pool and home construction permit data for the southwestern region of Florida during the month of November 2022 If you have been following the HBW blog, then you are already aware of how Southwest Florida … Continue reading

Florida Home Building Report – January 2016

Home builders in Florida had a solid opening to 2016 with nearly 4,000 housing starts in the first month of the year. Across the state, Florida’s economy and housing continues to grow, especially in Orlando and the southwest portion of … Continue reading

HBW Report: Top Florida Home Builders – October 2015

HBW has nearly 4,000 new permits on record for Florida home builders during the month of October, with Lennar Homes holding the #1 spot for total starts in 3 out of 5 areas of the state. Last week, we took … Continue reading

Aubuchon Homes Expands into Southwest Florida

HBW subscribers know that Southwest Florida is a boom market for residential construction. The boom has grown so strong that Cape Coral builder Aubuchon Homes is expanding deeper into the region. Aubuchon Homes is accomplishing this goal by taking its … Continue reading