Solar is the New Normal

The excitement over Tesla Energy’s Powerwall and Powerblock is only the latest indication that solar is rapidly becoming the new normal for construction. Growing numbers of construction companies nationwide are including batteries and other equipment alongside the conventional utility panel … Continue reading

Top Mobile Apps for Construction Professionals

As mobile technology and construction management solutions improve, more and more construction professionals rely on their tablets and smartphones for work. Construction industry-specific apps for increasing productivity and easing collaboration have exploded in the past few years. Here’s a rundown of … Continue reading

Lowe’s Introduces In-House 3-D Printing

For developers selling newly-built homes, custom, built-to-order properties are the name of the game. In addition to a fabulous floorplan and well-appointed living space, current home buyers want designer touches and fixtures that inevitably drive up the materials costs. Now, … Continue reading

Planning for Greener Use of 4 Common Construction Materials

Whether you are building a LEED-platinum certified condominium downtown or a cozy eco-conscious vacation getaway in the country, it’s a good idea to plan the greenest materials usage possible when building your project. More and more clients demand green building … Continue reading

Bechtel Approved to Launch Drone Program for Construction Management

The FAA has granted Bechtel permission to use unmanned aircraft system technology on construction projects in the United States. Bechtel’s application says that this “virtual project delivery” approach will significantly enhance the construction process. Bechtel’s Manager of Construction Mike Lewis … Continue reading

BIM Drives Efficiency in Building Construction & Maintenance

3D modeling technology is gaining ground as a means to drive efficient, green construction efforts. Use of 3D modeling as a design tool improves the quality of technical information that builders can get from tech specs. Higher-quality information will help … Continue reading

Gearing Up For Summer: Pool Filtration Options

Summer is around the corner, which means the number of swimming pool permits has skyrocketed. In previous years, pools were simple, rounded-or rectangular-shaped concrete lagoons that graded from shallow to deep.  Nowadays, pool installers are building Sea World in people’s … Continue reading

SupplyPro Creators Launch SKU Database to Automate Home Construction Supply Chain

Last Friday, Hyphen Solutions, LLC announced the launch of their new residential item master database, “SkuSphere.” The new SkuSphere catalog has been designed to easily integrate into existing bidding, sales, procurement, selections, CAD, and enterprise-planning systems. SkuSphere will automate the … Continue reading

Skyscraper Design that Casts No Shadow

As urbanization intensifies and the liveable spaces in cities become smaller and smaller, the only option developers have is to build upwards. Each time a building rises higher, the ground below becomes more and more overcast, making for a light-deprived … Continue reading

Viirt Revolutionizes the Roofing Industry

Imagine a streamlined roofing process that saves homeowners thousands in labor and materials costs, cuts project completion time by at least 20%, gives clients insider access to project review, and can be managed remotely via the internet. Ryan Pendell of … Continue reading